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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgeries at For Beauty are performed by specialists and a full medical staff specialized in hair transplantation to provide the best results with high densify, in addition to guarantee against hair loss.

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At For Beauty, we offer the best cosmetic dental treatments using the best German and Swiss materials and brands recommended by dentists around the world. Besides, we are interested in the most accurate details to offer you the best.

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Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery at For Beauty Center is carried out by the best specialist cosmetic surgeons in Turkey through the use of the latest plastic surgery techniques that ensure natural and dazzling results for the patient with rapid healing.

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    • Not taking important vitamins that are essential for hair.
    • Frequent or overuse of hair dryers, which leads to both hair crispiness and weakness.
    • Anemia caused by pregnancy and blood loss during menstrual cycle.
    • Prolonged or lack of exposure of hair to water.
    • The genetic factor is the main cause of hair loss or baldness in men.
    • The use of certain medications.
    • Tension and anxiety.
    • Use of hair stabilizers containing chemicals.
  • There are no complications, because it is carried out local but not general whlole-body anesthesia, except for some likely infections that can be prevented by antibiotic. Some swelling and bruising may occur in the frontal area, which gradually disappear.
  • The anyone with the following qualities can certainly have hair transplantation:
    • Someone who's got healthy hair in the back of the head and on both temples ‘or sides of the head’, because these are areas where natural hair can be taken.
    • Someone who cares about their appearance and shape, feeling embarrassed with baldness and who likes to appear best.
  • Facelift doesn't change nor modify the patient’s natural face features.
  • It’s a cosmetic crust “layer” from white solid ceramic materials at specialized laboratories in certain sizes varying for that from one person to another. It is glued and fastened on the external side of the teeth to treat certain problems related to dental cosmetics.